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A-Z Volume One CD+DVD

CD/DVD $8.99

Release Date: 19/04/2010

Discs: 2

A-Z Vol. 1 marks the halfway point in Ash’s groundbreaking 26 single campaign the A-Z Series. Wrapping up singles A to M alongside a host of bonus material, the compilation illustrates Ash’s rejuvenated creative zeal.

Currently back in their Manhattan HQ recording tracks which will complete the second half of the series, Ash have been spurred on by the unique challenge of a singles only future. The scrutiny of each track being drip-fed to fans, juxtaposed by freedom from the traditional 2-year album cycle, has fostered a new Ash era of diverse, imaginative pop.

While the rock electro hybrids True Love 1980 and Space Shot have broken through to the airwaves, the consistent quality of the series is backed up by the varied and original song writing on the tracks in between. The 3-minute gem Ichiban, the expansive dynamic rock of Joy Kicks Darkness, the classic Wheeler love song Tracers and the atmospheric tale of humanity lost Pripyat are amongst the bands responses to the creative everest that is a 26 single campaign.

Also includes 50 minute tour DVD 'A is for Ash' featuring a tour diary filmed last autumn on the A – Z tour

Disc: 1

1. Return of the White Rabbit
2. True Love 1980
3. Joy Kicks Darkness
4. Arcadia
5. Tracers
6. The Dead Disciples
7. Pripyat
8. Ichiban
9. Space Shot
10. Neon
11. Command
12. Song of Your Desire
13. Dionysian Urge
14. War With Me
15. Coming Around Again
16. The Creeps
17. Ctrl-alt-del
18. Do You Feel It?

Bonus DVD:

50 minute tour DVD 'A is for Ash' featuring a tour diary filmed last autumn on the A -Z tour